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New! Plastering Rules!

Plastering Rules!

Stucco walls under the rule – one of the most popular types of decoration. If you need to make a perfectly flat wall, then it’s easier to use this method because of its simplicity and accessibility.

The rule from TM FURNIСOM is:

  • long service life;
  • absence of corrosion processes;
  • high level of quality of plastering works;
  • ergonomics when working plaster;
  • convenience of cleaning the rules of plaster from concrete and cement mixtures.

The rule is made of aluminum profile – it is not corroded, light and durable. Has a trapezoidal shape and an additional rib of rigidity.

Trapezoid rule is the most common tool that you can perform a very wide range of operations. It is suitable for working with heavy cement based solutions and can withstand even the highest loads. When finishing the facade is the only possible option, but it is used even for internal works, the price is quite affordable.

  • Length of 1 and 1.5 meters is suitable for work in confined spaces and narrow walls. Products are compact, and they can work even in narrow corridors.
  • Length of 2, 2.5 and 3 meters is designed for finishing large areas. For independent work it is not necessary to choose products more than two meters, longer versions are better to work together.

Our company is ready to supply plaster rules based on the pressed profile in any quantities and lengths.

Price per square meter 70 UAH. (weight 0.576 kg / mp).

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